YOUR SKY: Planets and Stars direction and altitude NOW viewed from any point in earth, any latitude / longitude

TODAY in all present and past calendars

ΠΟΤΕ γεννήθηκε και πέθανε ο Ιησούς: Ακριβείς ημερομηνίες/ The day of Epiphany (6th of January) as the Christmas day in the past

Η πρωτοχρονιά σε διάφορες εποχές, σε διάφορους λαούς και πολιτισμούς

Insert Latitude: Positive for North (betw. 0 and 90), Negative for South (betw. -90 and 0)

Insert Longitude: Positive for Eastern (betw. 0 and 180), Negative for Western (betw. -180 and 0)

Choose User defined or a certain City from the list

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